NYTimes Wordle

I’m liking the NYTimes Wordle a lot more than the original. I’m still undefeated in both English and Spanish but at least now words aren’t super easy. Yesterday, I actually had to make an effort.

Spanish almost defeated me a couple of days ago with the word “litio” (lithium) but I still won in the last-ditch effort.

In Russian I already lost several times because I can’t figure out the principle behind the choice of word forms and parts of speech. Some adverbs are allowed but some aren’t. The same for diminutives. Of course. We are Russian-speakers. The rules aren’t for us. We’ll do what the little toe on our left foot wants. I shouldn’t complain. I’m like that, too. I’m yet to meet a rule I didn’t immediately try to break.

4 thoughts on “NYTimes Wordle

  1. After my initial success with the Polish wordle “Słowle” I’ve ran out of luck, partly because I’m too impatient and partly because of weird word choice….

    Recently they had zszyć (yes, that’s a word…. roughly ‘to sew together (perfective aspect)’ and today was gajdy (a type of bagpipe.. a regional word….)

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      1. Today Polish wordle had ‘remix’ which I got but which can only through the most strained courtesy be considered a Polish word….

        6 (or 7) letters would probably be better for most Slavic languages….

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  2. “I’m liking the NYTimes Wordle a lot more than the original…at least now words aren’t super easy. ”

    ???? The NYTimes has stated that it changed some of the answers in the original Wordle puzzles to make the games easier, with more common English words. (I don’t notice any difference.)

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