It’s All in the Head

Objectively, I’m busier now than at any time in the semester. But I feel free and in vacation mode. 

Which tells me I could always feel this way. It’s a weird thought. 


3 thoughts on “It’s All in the Head”

  1. Any idea how you’ve managed to achieve this?

    I’m feeling much less stressed than usual for the end of the semester, but certainly nothing I would describe as “vacation mode”. I’ve been working on the theory that I’m ending the semester better than usual because of the mild winter. I didn’t have to burn through so much energy dealing with the cold and snow and so I’m in a healthier space as we near the end.


      1. Very interesting.

        btw – I am going to take your advice from an earlier post and make a plan for which projects I will work on on specific days/times this summer rather than making a big list of summer projects. As you have correctly observed about big lists, the big list becomes a source of stress, I spin my wheels a lot, and I don’t get most of it done.


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