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It’s All in the Head

Objectively, I’m busier now than at any time in the semester. But I feel free and in vacation mode. 

Which tells me I could always feel this way. It’s a weird thought. 


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3 thoughts on “It’s All in the Head

  1. TomW on said:

    Any idea how you’ve managed to achieve this?

    I’m feeling much less stressed than usual for the end of the semester, but certainly nothing I would describe as “vacation mode”. I’ve been working on the theory that I’m ending the semester better than usual because of the mild winter. I didn’t have to burn through so much energy dealing with the cold and snow and so I’m in a healthier space as we near the end.


    • I spent a lot of time making detailed plans for the summer that it felt like I was already there, I guess. It’s a good feeling. 😄


      • TomW on said:

        Very interesting.

        btw – I am going to take your advice from an earlier post and make a plan for which projects I will work on on specific days/times this summer rather than making a big list of summer projects. As you have correctly observed about big lists, the big list becomes a source of stress, I spin my wheels a lot, and I don’t get most of it done.


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