Racist Babies

These people, God.

Babies show a preference for people who look like Mommy. It’s an evolutionary advantage. There’s nothing ideological about it.

My kid at 8 months hated it when my sister tried to kiss her to the point where she’d squeeze her eyes shut and turn her head away. Because my sister has black hair and a semitic nose.

My friend’s black child severely disliked me when she was a baby because I don’t look like her parents. Now that she’s grown, she adores me and calls me “mommy” when she comes over.

My friend and I would have been complete idiots if we’d started to lecture our babies on diversity and inclusion.

All of the doubts I had about the theory of evolution evaporated after I had a child and observed first-hand how little kids are primed to maximize every evolutionary advantage.

Shame on every uneducated, stupid bastard who tries to substitute biology with ideology.

5 thoughts on “Racist Babies

  1. Honestly this has not been my experience, babies of all ethnicities love me. But maybe that is just because I’m exceptionally appealing to babies (I’ve had many parents tell me I’m the first stranger their baby has ever liked.)


      1. When my eldest daughter was little, she hated men who were clean shaven. Since both her father and the doctor who delivered her had full beards, the first thing she saw when she came out the chute were two bearded guys. She considered beardless men freaks.

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