Winning Ticket

Ron DeSantis and Tim Scott should totally run on the same ticket. Scott has great public speaking skills. DeSantis is a great executive but not much for speaking. His interview with Tucker cured my addiction to melatonin gummies by reliably putting me to sleep in 5 minutes.

8 thoughts on “Winning Ticket

    1. “we love him as governor”

      Again the fatal problem of modern presidential elections – the system selects for a good campaigner while the actual job of presidenting requires a very different skill set.

      On the other hand, it’s all kind of moot – tech oligarchs select presidents now, not voters. So….

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      1. True. Nobody in their right would call Biden a good campaiger – there was no campaign – or charismatic. Or a successful executive. Yet he’s the one in the WH. Kind of.

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  1. Based on what I know of Tim Scott I don’t like him at all. But tbh I barely care about VPs unless I think they’re going to be very powerful.


  2. The real question is why you people are always so angry. Always seething with rage, incapable of enjoying life. Have you tried doing breathing exercises? They might help.


  3. I’ve never mentioned my twitter account on this blog. I don’t mind people knowing it, but it’s very creepy of you to bring it up.


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