Unicorn UFOs

Did anybody here watch Tucker’s Originals on the UFOs? It’s the stupidest thing ever. A couple of extremely grainy videos with gray splotches.

“Ooh, what can those splotches possibly mean? There is no explanation, so it’s got to be aliens.”

Why are all the videos so grainy? There’s great technology available that can make better videos.

Because, you see, aliens are so smart. They magically erase all the good videos of themselves.

It’s very similar to the explanations my 5-year-old gives about unicorns.

“Who threw the pencils all over the room?”

“Unicorns, mommy.”

“Why would unicorns do that?”

“I don’t know, mommy. I don’t speak unicorn language, remember?”

3 thoughts on “Unicorn UFOs

  1. I agree with you totally. NOBODY, including the various “experts” that Tucker periodically interviews about these images, has any idea what they really represent. Some of the interpretations — that the black dots are physical “objects” that are capable of “diving into the ocean and then flying back out into the air” — are blatantly ridiculous.

    The world has more important things to worry about than an imminent invasion from Venus.

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  2. Yep. Yet another instance of banal idiocy proffered by the cognoscenti.

    The U.S. Navy supposedly has some of the best radar and camera equipment on the planet. They say they’ve been being innudated with UFO’s – sorry, UAP’s – for decades, but this crap is the best footage they can supply to support their extraordinary claims? Blurry blinking triangles that flash in patterns similar to out of focus navigation lights on aircraft, indistinct blobs that grow diminish then disapear on the horizon as if the camera lense is being refocused on them, similarly inscrutable crap footage from aircraft weapons system radar footage?

    All sorts of sages from MIT and other august precincts (many of whom partied with Epstein and trook his sweet CIA Mossad MI6 laundered cash, by the by) appear to stroke their chins and proclaim the images inexplicable, beyond our limited understanding..

    It’s all insulting nonsense. It’s as if they don’t even care if we believe them or not. It’s as if they are deliberately trying to undermine their own credibility, which is already scattered in shards across their Masonic black and white checked placard, anyway.

    Who was in charge of propaganda under Stalin? Beria, Molotov? Wasn’t their precept not to convince, but humiliate people into parroting their “truth” without critique or dissent? That’s what this is harbinger of. There are aliens amongst us. They are mutilating cows. Become very afraid. Please. Be terrified. They are phlebotomizing and castrating cows. It’s scary. Be scared.

    There’s an amusing theory I subsribe to, advanced by Fr. Seraphim Rose, that alien phenomena are actually demonic manifestations. It begins with Aleister Crowley trying to ritually manifest a demon, where he met a humanoid creature named Lam, that looks just like the achetypical alien, this back in 1917.

    See here : https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Aleister+Crowley+aliens&t=brave&ia=web

    And here : https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Seraphim+Rose+UFO%27s&t=brave&ia=web


    But because demons are stupid (with all due respect to Lucifer and his cohort, who obviouisly in essence are much more intelligent than I am, but who like all anti theistic intellectuals whose intellects have been dulled and darkened by sin, and hence are in act, practice, actuality dumb as crap) and because their followers are even dumber (see the current idiocy unrolling across our culture, its all profound manifestation of demonic dumbness in spades) their lies are usually pretty transparent to anyone who still fears Truth and takes him seriously..

    Next thing you know these morons will be telling us to destroy the four oids, construct potemkin villages within and around gulags, and preparing us to march on Stalingrad. That Stalingrad no longer exists will not matter in the least to them, because these twits have the historical memory and imagination of fruitflies. Which is why their propaganda narratives have become so risibly stupid. They’ve totally lost the plot, along with their grip on reality.

    The most amusing part will be watching the re-manifestation of Pol Pot murder most of these twits in the re-commencement of the purges. The aliens always end up feasting on their and laying their eggs in their devotees before the end of the film. Predictive programming never fails. Wait, watch for the denouement. It will be very satisfying.

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