Is It an Act?

I’m starting to think he’s doing this on purpose:

Both Ivan the Terrible and Stalin faked old-man frailty to lure enemies into complacence and deliver a mortal blow. There was also a medieval cardinal who got himself elected Pope by faking a drooling senility that masked extreme ferocity.

10 thoughts on “Is It an Act?

  1. I would like to hope the current Israeli PM Naftali Bennett didn’t fly the entire long way to America for Biden to sleep on him. Couldn’t they talk on phone instead when Biden felt better? It looks kind of humiliating to Israel, yet if Biden does the same to Putin, it will be interpreted differently. 😦


    1. It’s not humiliating to Israel. The Israeli PM looks alert, engaged, and very healthy. It’s humiliating to Americans to have their president conk out like that.


      1. “not humiliating to Israel”

        It’s a little humiliating to Israel for their head of state to be… disrespected like that in public. But yes, the main goal is to humiliate the American public (and remind them how powerless they are to change things). And since they wrecked the voting system to get his sleepy, senile ass into office there’s not much chance of elections getting the democrats out.
        Also note the mail-in ballot fuckery going on in California to keep a democrat in office…
        No more mail in ballots!
        No voting without photo ID (if you can’t be bothered to get a photo ID, or if you’re too stupid to know how to get one – then you really shouldn’t have a voice in how things are run).


  2. ‘A drooling senility that masked extreme ferocity’ is a very positive, optimistic take on the scene. 🙂 🙂

    Now listened to it and:

    a. Netanyahu’s English was better.

    b. The ‘half-sleepy converstion one summer afternoon’ atmosphere is strengthened by a dog half-whining, half-barking in the background, while Bennett continues his rehearsed boring speech for the journalists.

    May be, Biden is bored by empty speeches and was more alive in private, when real discussion took place. I hope.


    1. The Taliban now has the 4th largest military helicopter fleet in the world. Larger than the UK’s. And that’s because Biden left them over 300 brand-spanking new military helicopters. How can that possibly be an accident? He also left 110,000 automatic rifles, over 1,000 mortars, and a lot more. All new and shiny. I don’t believe in accidents of this magnitude.

      Also, it’s not any foreign leader he falls asleep on. It’s the one representing the country his base hates like no other.


      1. “I don’t believe in accidents of this magnitude.”

        You’re overthinking the issue. Bidet isn’t nearly smart enough to be doing all this on purpose.


        1. “Bidet isn’t nearly smart enough to be doing all this on purpose”

          What maybe to be happening (putting a few things I’ve read and/or noticed together) is that the military is shifting from being aligned with the republican party to being aligned with the democrats.

          This makes the democratic coalition too big and could trigger some part of it to move to the Republicans… (finance? more likely than media, entertainment or info-tech….)


  3. “The Russians noticed that data on work experience began to disappear from the digital work book. Disappears information about work at enterprises that have already been liquidated. In order to restore the missing records in the electronic labor book, it takes a lot of time and effort.”

    Россияне обратили внимание, что из цифровой трудовой книжки начали исчезать данные о трудовом стаже. Исчезает информация о работе на предприятиях, которые уже ликвидированы. Для того чтобы восстановить пропавшие записи в электронной трудовой, требуется потратить немало времени и сил.

    True, this is Russia, but turning everything 100% digital may have surprising side effects in other countries too. Digital info may be quickly erased for political, economic or terrorist reasons. Or simply because of incompetence.

    When we immigrated to Israel, my mother was demanded to give her ‘work book’ at the border. She didn’t and the border agent let us pass, though those were horrible minutes till he did. Imagine starting teaching in Israel as a teacher with zero experience instead of 20 years of it. Even worse, she had trouble fighting to gain entrance to immigrant teachers’ course. With ‘zero experience’ as a teacher she may not have succeeded. With digital info countries have more control over what info is permitted to exit borders, and I am not sure I trust many of them.

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