Medical Question

In the Dominican Republic, I always get these horrible ojeras (What do you call them? Dark patches?) under my eyes. And they get progressively worse with every day of the stay. It only happens in the DR, never at home or in Europe. 

I only drink bottled water, don’t touch alcohol in spite of the constant exhortations to participate in the tasting of the traditional Dominican beverage rum Brugal,” get good sleep, etc. Does anybody know what causes this? It bothers me because ojeras normally mean kidney issues, and I had two rounds of severe gestational diabetes, which means kidney damage. 


8 thoughts on “Medical Question”

  1. My wild guess would be that there’s something in the environment or climate that’s triggering something (like a very low grade allergy) and if it stops when you leave then it’s probably not very serious.

    Did you get the same thing in Cuba?


  2. Could be a food allergy – I get something similar if I eat mussels, for which I have been allergy tested and I react to, but not strongly enough to classify as proper allergy. What are you eating that you are not eating at home?


  3. I’m going to go with everyone else and guess it’s an allergy or intolerance of some sort. Maybe environmental or food. If it goes away when you leave the area, it’s not a symptom of kidney issues. I’d be concerned if it doesn’t go away.


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